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March 7, 2010:
From 03/Mar/2010 15:46 CET to 07/Mar/2010 14:55 CET it was impossible to access the ASEM-51 website due to a configuration error of our web host. Now the problem is solved. Sorry for the inconvenience!

July 25, 2008:
The largest MCU file update ever is ready for download:
226 include files (43 new) for ASEM-51 and compatibles!
A complete list with all supported 8051 derivatives is included.

March 3, 2007:
Polish    Maciej Sochaczewski has translated the ASEM-51 User's Manual to Polish. It is available in PDF format and ready for download.

May 30, 2005:
Total relaunch!    (smile)
Today the ASEM-51 website restarts with redesigned navigation bars and better W3C conformity. All new web pages have been tested thoroughly with various versions of MSIE, Netscape, Mozilla, Konqueror and Opera under Windows and/or Linux. If something is looking ugly or doesn't work at all with your browser, please send me a mail.

Jan 23, 2005:
Good news for German, Swiss and Austrian 8051 newbies:
With his new book Rainer Leicht closes many gaps in the ASEM-51 documentation. Das große 51er Anwendungsbuch explains in detail
Das große 51er Anwendungsbuch   -  fundamentals of the MCS-51 architecture
-  the full MCS-51 instruction set
-  the design of typical 8051 applications
-  assembly language programming with ASEM-51
-  and much more

Sep 7, 2004:
MD5 checksums are now provided for all available downloads. A corresponding link is present on every download page.

Feb 25, 2004:
Carsten Knapwost has made a Debian package for the ASEM-51 V1.3 final release. Thanks a lot!

Jan 19, 2004:
Worapoht Kornkaewwattanakul has released a first preview of his MIDE-51 Studio. MIDE-51 is a free Windows IDE for MCS-51 software development in assembler and C. ASEM-51 is directly supported.

Sep 10, 2003:
An updated collection of MCU files is ready for download. It contains 31 new MCU files for 8051 derivatives from Philips, Winbond, Analog Devices, Winedge, and Chipcon.

Jan 1, 2003:
Happy New Year!    I wish all ASEM-51 users a happy new year!
By the way, the ASEM-51 V1.3 Final Release is ready for download.

Sep 1, 2002:
asem V1.3b3-2 (patch level 2) for Linux is ready for download.
(See Bugs and Fixes.)

Aug 18, 2002:
The first bug has been found in V1.3b3 - and fixed!    (smile)
A bug description and fixed assemblers (V1.3b3-1) for all supported platforms can be found on the beta-test page.

Jun 25, 2002:
new     ASEM-51 V1.3 Beta 3 is finished! It is available as
-  a combined DOS/Windows distribution (ZIP)
-  a Linux distribution (tar and rpm format)
Thanks a lot to Andreas Kies, my indefatigable Linux consultant!
For the first time, ASEM-51 enters a public beta test. Get it, try it, test it, take it to the limit, send bug reports. When everything has been put straight, the final release 1.3 will be launched in a few months (or something).
I'm looking forward to your flames!    (smile)

Apr 10, 2002:
The BOOT-51 User's Manual is now also available in an HTML edition, and can be viewed in the Documentation area.

Mar 23, 2002:
Since I'm frequently asked for new MCU files, I have put my collection into the Download area. It contains more than 60 MCU files, and can be used as an update for all ASEM-51 versions.

Mar 13, 2002:
The specification of the Intel OMF-51 Object Module Format has been converted to HTML, and can now be viewed in the Documentation area.

Jan 18, 2002:
My e-mail address for ASEM-51 support will probably expire between January 31 and February 15, 2002. Please send all mail to my private e-mail address Thank you!

Oct 21, 2001:
The official home of ASEM-51 has moved to
Users who still visit the old ASEM-51 homepage, are redirected automatically after 20 seconds.
The new ASEM-51 website starts with a slightly new design.
Thanks a lot to Werner Allinger for free web-hosting!

Jan 15, 2001:
My old e-mail address died with the Fido-Net. It seems that it did no longer work since approximately October 4, 2000. All mail which you may have sent after this date is lost! If you didn't get a reply, please send it again to my new e-mail address Sorry!

Apr 25, 2000:
Now the last DOS real-mode version 0.64 of the great 8051/8086/C editor W is posted on the ASEM-51 Download page. The DOS real-mode version of W is discontinued by Petar Marinov. The 32-bit DOS and Windows versions are available from the W homepage. A first Linux version is currently under construction and almost finished.

Mar 21, 2000:
Started work on full BOOT-51 download support for Linux!

Mar 4, 2000:
The ASEM-51 V1.3 Release Notes are available in HTML format on the ASEM-51 homepage.

Mar 2, 2000:
The HTML edition of the ASEM-51 User's Manual is finished and posted on the ASEM-51 homepage. Started work on HTML editions of the other documentation files!

Feb 25, 2000:
The ASCII edition of the ASEM-51 User's Manual is updated with a description of the Linux implementation.

Feb 17, 2000:
The whole ASEM-51 support homepage has been totally restructured and redesigned. The pure web pages have got a uniform layout with a navigation sidebar, which can easily be distinguished from the new layout of the assembler documentation pages.
(Thanks to Olivia Adler for her professional advice!)

Jan 22, 2000:
First part of the HTML edition of the ASEM-51 User's Manual posted. Not quite complete yet, but "The ASEM-51 Assembly Language" chapter is finished.

Jan 10, 2000:
Old ASEM-51 versions made available for download on the ASEM-51 Dungeon page.

Dec 23, 1999:
Started work on the HTML edition of the ASEM-51 User's Manual.

Dec 2, 1999:
The first version of the ASEM-51 support homepage is posted at
(Thanks to Werner Allinger for free web-hosting!)

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